Custom Made Songs


Original Wedding Songs

Imagine walking down the aisle listening to the words of your song. A song that is an expression of your love for one another, a song that will touch the hearts of your family and friends, a song that will create such a memorable moment, one that will be with you forever.

For more information on this truly unique service please click on “The Wedding services” tab to get a more detailed description, and where Emily will take you by the hand and walk you through how you can  create your song in just four simple steps.

Songs for Special Occasions

Life is full of surprises and celebrations, why not create an original and unique way of expressing your message, story or words. Whether it be an Anniversary, birthday or even renewing your Wedding Vows, music is a universal language, it connects us all, and touches our hearts in ways that words cannot describe.

A Song for the Mother or Father of the Bride or Groom

Our parents are with us from birth, there is a special bond between a parent and child, which remains unchanged by time or distance. Parents may feel a beautiful mix of joy, pride, love, and even a little wistful sadness as they give you away to start the next chapter of your life. A heartfelt letter of gratitude, love and thanks can be turned into a beautiful song that express your feelings of that special relationship, and what they mean to you.

A song written for The Proposal

Imagine the surprise and excitement of such a unique and wonderful heartfelt gesture to woe that special someone, as you take their hand in yours and ask to spend the rest of your lives together. Your loved one hearing every heartfelt lyric that is a total expression of your feelings and love. Emily is a hopeless romantic at heart and is more than happy to help you come up with creative and meaningful ways to help orchestrate the whole event.

Young man proposing to a woman.

A song of Remembrance

Writing a song of remembrance is such a beautiful way to keep the memories of loved one’s alive. “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday: Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.”

The pain of losing a loved one is often beyond words. The writing process is a way where we can begin to express some of those feelings. It may be an emotional process, but one that can also bring some healing and comfort. A song to share why our loved ones life was so special to us, and that they continues to live in our hearts forever.

A song for my Best Friend

When my best friend’s father passed away very suddenly, it was a huge shock to us all. My beautiful friend was devastated and heartbroken, and I felt so useless and lost at the time because I didn’t know what to do. All I wanted was to make her pain go away. I didn’t know what to say, how to act, or even what to do.  So I was there for her, by her side, just with her. After the funeral I decided that I wanted to write her a song in memory of the loss of her father. It was one of the most difficult songs I have ever written but one that I am very proud of, and it will always be very special to both of us. I waited some time and decided to give her the song as a poem and told her that I was going to record it as a song, and I would give it to her when the time was right. She was extremely touched by such a personal and beautiful gift. It brought us so much closer together, and we remain extremely close and best friends to this day.

The song is called “Remembering” and it is the 3rd track on my “Fred EP” which you can listen to under the Music & Video section of my website.