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“My Beyoncé encounter”

When my sister Amanda was getting engaged, I wanted to do something special for her hen party as a surprise. At that time Amanda loved Beyoncé and particularly her hit “All the Single Ladies.” So I had an idea that it might be fun to learn the dance moves, put on a leotard and a wig and surprise her by impersonating her music idol during a moment at her hen party! I thought this was a fantastic idea, and was pretty giddy with excitement about it all. I told a few people my idea, as I was a little nervous about it too, I guess in case I might make a fool of myself. Most people loved the idea, but one or two thought it was silly. This knocked my confidence a little, and I began to question my idea, should I do this? Will I look ridiculous? Can I even pull it off? Fear started to creep into the back of my mind. But then I remembered why I wanted to do this in the first place. I wanted to do something really special for my sister, simply because I loved her, and wanted her to feel special and also give her a right laugh and a memory she would never forget!! So I decided that my regret of never doing this for her greatly outweighed my fears. So I got to work, learning all the moves, bought all the gear I needed and planned my Beyoncé surprise! On the night of her hen we had organised to go to a venue, I spoke with the DJ and told him to play that particular song at a certain time. Amanda had no idea, and neither did any of the other hens on the night. Once I heard the song came on, I dramatically danced my way onto the dance floor, the whole place circled around me while I started dancing all the moves, and just going for it, my heart was pounding in my chest with excitement!! Everyone was clapping and egging me on! What was even more hilarious was that throughout the whole performance none of them even recognised that it was actually me, not even Amanda!! Then after I brushed the hair off my wig to one side so that they could see my face, I looked at my sister and she was screaming with surprise that it was me. She actually nearly jumped into my arms, and was now crying with delight. I will never forget that moment, and I am so glad that I followed my heart so that I could create a very special memory that we will both treasure forever. Below a picture of me doing my thang, and then my sister hugging me after! Awe…..

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