Singer-Song Writer


Song writing & performing is the essence of who I am….

I have been singing and writing songs from as far back as I can remember. It is my passion; it is how I express myself and even sometimes how I communicate with others. When I get to perform my original songs, it connects me not only to share the deepest emotions of my soul, but also to touch and inspire and take everyone else on that journey with me

Music is something that pulls on our heart strings and captures our emotions, memories are made, feelings are felt, we all have favourite songs, albums or singers that when listened to has the ability to change or effect how we feel in an instant. It can move us to tears, laughter and bring us so much joy.

It has moved me to tears….

I remember going to see Declan O Rourke for the first time. It was just him and an acoustic guitar, but it was the most moving and inspiring concert I have ever been to in my life. From the moment Declan opened his mouth to sing, his voice and presence hit me with such impact, bringing years of memories flooding to the surface as I listened to all his songs that were so familiar to me. I cried from the beginning until the end of that concert. He took me on a journey where I experienced so many mixed emotions, but it wasn’t that I was sad, it was just so beautiful.

Me & Declan

I want my music to shine a light into the hearts of others. To inspire people to create the ultimate gift of self-expression of their love, such a unique a heartfelt gift that will be remembered and treasured forever.”

It is my gift to the world…

Music is a gift, it is one that I treasure and I feel so much gratitude to be able to share this gift of music and song writing with the world.  When people come to me after a show and tell me how they felt “I was singing to them”, that it was like “I was inside their head” or how I just “touched them so deeply” through my music, is such a wonderful gift to receive.

Sometimes it can be disappointing when you can’t find the perfect song that you can really connect to as a couple, or one that expresses your unique love for someone special in your life.  I created this service for people who want to gift that special song for someone they love, such a heartfelt gesture that creates beautiful moments in time that will be treasured forever. Sometimes I imagine someone doing something like this for me, well I guess I am just a hopeless romantic at heart and actually my partner doesn’t have a musical note in their head, but I still just love the thought of it! Imagine someone writing a beautiful song just for you and how special that would make you feel?

My musical journey so far has led me to I to create a business that combine’s all of my talents and gifts. It is an honour to provide this service. It is also extremely personal and a gift that I want to share with the rest of the world.